Wake Up Call! – Open to New Life?


Letting go of an old hurt opens me to new life.

I’d not spoken to a friend in a long time. His image kept reappearing in my meditations reminding me of our lack of conversation. Then I named a truth I did not like – I was unconsciously holding on to an old hurt. I wondered why?

Would I choose to give power to an imagined hurt walling me off from someone or would I choose to detach from the hurt and make contact?

When I called he was genuinely delighted. Later over coffee he offered his regret for what he had said and we spoke about it without either of us needing to be right. It was a moment of grace for both of us.

I was reminded that letting go of an old hurt frees me to live in the present. When my imperfections meet those of another person we discover new life.


Be open to new life:

  • Allow yourself to be awake to those things that wall you off from the present

  • Choose to be proactive

  • Give thanks for every experience of renewed life

Notice how your life invites you to pay attention to the birth of new hope and life.

Share a story about an experience of new life here.

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©2013 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor