Wake Up Call! – Re-Engaging with Life


Grief is transformed when we re-engage with life.

Penny’s grief at the death of her son from a drug overdose seemed inconsolable. In spite of having supported her son through rehab programs she wondered if something else could have been done. She says, “I wasn’t sure how I would carry on.”

Penny could have chosen to be immersed in grief but instead chose to honor her son by choosing a different path.

“I decided to give up a cerebral professional life and go back to school to get a master’s in social work. I hoped that by working with kids on the edge I could offer a path beyond despair and drugs.”

The result is a life that Penny says has expanded her heart and understanding of those grappling with addiction and despair. “My personal spirituality which sustained me through my son’s death grew into a spirituality of compassion and hope engaged with others. My loss is still real but my choices have brought me unexpected new life, hope and even happiness.”


In your own loss, grief or despair:

  • Honor the reality of your experience and emotions

  • Be aware of what the Universe invites you into

  • Expect to re-engage in life with compassion and tenderness

Notice how your choices to re-engage result in a more richly textured way of living in the present.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor