Wake Up Call! – Savor Life Today!



Savor life’s simplest moments and enter into the grandeur of their beauty.

I was sitting on my deck in the fading afternoon sunlight reviewing some work when I noticed my dog Lucy. She was alternating between rolling on her back in the grass and playing with a squeaky toy. As I laughed she bounded up to me offering a toy to throw for her.

I could have put no store in Lucy’s antics but realized she was reminding me of a profound life lesson.

As we walked off playing fetch I remembered too many years in my life when I was too preoccupied with busyness to savor the simplest moments of everyday life and the grandeur of their beauty.

Lucy reminds me that the simplest moments of life are to be delighted in right now. What moments will you savor today? What beauty will you discover in them?


  • Be awake to savoring the simplest moments each day

  • Be aware of the beauty they reveal

Notice how being awake, aware and present to the simplest moments of your day fills you with gladness.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor