Wake Up Call! – Strength and Shadows


Some of the things I like best about myself are also my shadows driving me to distraction!

I was up against a deadline for submitting an essay to be included in a publication. I could feel the tension mounting because it seemed unlikely I would have it completed on time. Then I started to smile – the deadline had been imposed by me!

I could have chosen several reactions but chose to firstly be gentle with my own shadows.

Honoring commitments is something I value. It’s a strength of mine, but in that moment I was reminded it has a shadow side as well. My angst was purely self-induced!

The lessons I need to learn keep being presented to me until I get them. How will you or I settle into our strengths and allow the shadows to diminish?


  • Be aware of your strengths and their shadow side
  • Be gentle and kind with yourself as you live the questions they present

Notice how the power of the shadow diminishes as you live with the questions it presents.

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Written by Robert Taylor