Wake Up Call! – The Rethink Reveal




Rethink your labeling of something and open yourself to surprising new life.

Many people use Hip-Hop as a label that is synonymous with violence, degradation of women and homophobia. A lot of it is exactly that. I recently spent time with two Hip-Hop creatives who amazed me with a different truth and history about their art form.

I could have clung on to the Hip-Hop label I thought I knew but chose to be open to what their creative passion revealed.

I discovered that this music genre also has a history of transcending gang warfare and pointing to a different, peaceful and positive path! The artists I was with are consumed with teaching young people to create transformative Hip-Hop.

Peeling away an unexamined label revealed a Hip-Hop that is celebratory, positive and hopeful. What labeling of something or someone will you rethink?


  • Be aware of the labels you use and the assumptions that go with them

  • Be open to rethinking them

Notice how rethinking a label reveals unexpected new life and possibilities.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor