Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Insights!

UNExpected insights !

Have you noticed how new insights or awareness usually come from unexpected messengers?

My nephews and their parents were over for dinner and we adults were watching the convention of one of the US political parties. My favorite guys were full of energy, alternating between directing a game they’d devised, to jumping up in the chair for a hug, to asking surprising questions to wanting to be tickled. At two and five they seemed oblivious to what was on the screen. As one of them sat on my lap hugging me I suddenly thought, “It’s all about the kids, isn’t it?”

I could have left it at that but the question grabbed my attention.

Was I just noticing the obvious or was there something more going on? I’m a junkie when it comes to watching both political conventions but suddenly the background noise of speeches gave way to the new awareness my nephews had brought into focus.

I don’t know where it’s going to lead me but it is all about the kids, all about the future. All about the footprint we pass on. As I wonder about what new insights this will illuminate I think of these favorite guys of mine and am thankful.


  • Be open to the surprise of unexpected messengers
  • Allow yourself to live with the questions they present

Notice how the unexpected messengers are a gift!

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Written by Robert Taylor