Wake Up Call! – Unexpected Invitations



Life’s unexpected moments are an invitation to be generous.

I watched as two young children on a ferry boat responded to the choppy waves by throwing up. Those sitting around them held their breath as if to avoid the stench of the vomit. The parents scurried to clean up.

In that moment the man sitting behind them chose to move into action.

When I asked him why he had helped clean the vomit, he said, “It’s hard to be parents and deal with the unexpected. I know how to clean up after kids so I jumped into help just because I could.”

As I watched the parents express their gratitude to this stranger for his generous kindness their relief was palpable. The unexpected retching had been transformed by the way in which a stranger had responded to life’s surprises. What will you respond to today?


  • Be aware of life around you and the invitations it extends

  • Be willing to be kind and generous in how you respond

Notice how your mindfulness about life’s surprises enlivens and connects you to others.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor

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