Wake Up Call! – When Words Fail!


When words fail it is an invitation to go deeper into your heart.

Words failed me at news of yet another school shooting. Each time I tried to express my emotions about this massacre I felt as though my tongue was tied up or cut out of my mouth. Perhaps I just needed to let my emotions settle to make sense of them? That didn’t seem adequate.

Instead I chose to return to a practice I have used often.

I read aloud the name of each victim and, where I had it, their brief biography. Their photos were placed alongside their names. After reading each one I paused and said a loving kindness mantra for them and their loved ones.

Soon after this my tongue seemed to be restored to good working order! Instead of just another tragic senseless massacre it became the senseless murder of real and magnificent individuals. It did not change the outcome but I was changed and my emotions were sharpened with words to express them.


  • Respond to the news accounts of tragedy by reading aloud the names of victims and imagine they are your child or relative.
  • Mindfully be aware of their magnificent lives

Notice how your reaction to the unthinkable forms a living bond between you and others.

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©2015 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor