Wake Up Call! – Why Do You Love?



When you love yourself loving others is less complicated!

Decades loving others was driven in part by my need to know that I was worthy of love. Philosophically and spiritually I was drawn to work with the hungry and homeless and people with HIV. Then the day arrived when I realized, “I’m also doing this work to fill the big hole of not loving myself fully.”

I could have chosen to ignore this new insight but I knew my life and spirit was at stake.

As I worked with spiritual guides, a therapist and sundry workshops I began to let go of old messages that I wasn’t good enough. In setting those messages free a new space emerged to love myself with all of my quirks.

In this new ever-unfolding space I continue to love through what I do. But now I meet others in their own neediness loving myself as I am, for who I am. It is a love that begs to be shared freely without needing to be returned. How will such love surprise me today?


  • Choose to love yourself today in spite of one thing that keeps you from doing so

  • Treat that love with care

Notice how loving yourself allows you to meet and love others in all of their wonder and complexity.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor