Wake Up Call! – Words to Live By


The words that we live by are a compass for expanding our heart of compassion.

Participating in events with Desmond Tutu this week I’ve been reminded that one of the words that grounds his life is goodness. A deeply help belief in the intrinsic goodness of others and our capacity to make choices for the good of all.

I’m reminded that I have a choice about the words I live by.

Reflecting on those words I realize they shape my speech, hopes and actions. They are the compass for each day.

Instead of being harsh on myself for my daily failures to live fully into the words that guide me I have a renewed lightness in my step. The words that guide me are not to be judged by but to live into with gladness. Today I will hear their invitation in a new way.


  • Be attentive to the words which guide your life

  • Be present to their invitation

Notice how your heart of compassion is expanded by the words that are your compass.

Share a story about the words you live by here.

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