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Pay attention to what your memories of deceased loved ones point you to.

Recently on my father’s birthday I was filled with memories of him. Although he died eight years ago these memories were all of him sitting drinking tea or beer with challenging people. The memories included those who made fun of his graciousness and engagement.

More than just pleasant remembrances I chose to receive them as a lesson illuminating my life.

As a kid I cringed at feeling the need to defend my dad’s gracefulness from those who thought he was too “nice.” I felt conflicted wondering if he was weak or clueless.

These birthday memories remind me that it dad’s inner strength allowed him to be graceful and gracious with even the most difficult people. He’d made a choice to not be like them but to engage them. It points me to the choices I have for living with grace. What will your memories of a loved one point you to?


  • Be aware of memories pointing you to new learning’s

  • Celebrate the lives of those who you remember

Notice how what you learn from the memory of a deceased love one keeps them vibrantly alive in your heart.

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Written by Robert Taylor